Varieties of Wristbands For Your Cool Style Statement

Wristbands are one of the most popular fashion accessories today, and these encircling strips can be made from various materials depending upon the purpose for which these are to be used. These bands are also worn as an event pass like lanyards to provide a particular information or for allowing people to enter particular events. They are made of loops of plastic, vinyl or silicone and are worn around the wrist for the purpose of identification.


Silicone bands: During the early 2000s, bracelets made of silicone became immensely popular. They are worn to manifest the support and respect that a person holds for a cause or a charitable organisation. Quite similar to awareness ribbons, these bands are also known as awareness bracelets, and this differentiates them from other kinds of bands. The wristbands containing the official trademarks or logos of an organisation allow the seller to offer low price point to their loyal customers. Silicone bands are also called rubber bands, gel bands and fundraising bands. Though termed in different names, each of these variants is made of the same silicone compound.

Ultra violet sensitive bands: The ultra violet sensitive wristbands Sydney shops sell generally appear translucent or white, but when they are exposed to ultra violet light of the sun, the colour of these bands gets changed to deep blue or fuchsia. These bands are very popular as these remind people to apply sunscreen or stay under a cool shade on hot summer days. Though these sensors can provide no protection from the harmful UV rays, yet they are designed to warn that it is time to limit the exposure.

These can be used in water – even salt and chlorinated water. As thesewristbands are functional with all types of sunscreens, these can be used in combination with a sunscreen. These are able to measure the net amount of sun radiation throughout the day and can be used for the whole day, even when you go inside for a short span. It is recommended to use a single ultra violet sensitive band for one day only, even when it has not changed colour. If the band is kept unused in its packet, then it can be used up to two years after purchase.

Hospital or medical bands: Hospital bands are a type of custom wristbands,which are commonly used as a safe device to identify patients who are undergoing a medical care. These bands are available in a variety of sizes for accommodating  patients as little as new born babies, to as large as obese adults. Hospital bands can be embossed, handwritten, thermal imaged or laser printed with different types of pictures, names, barcodes, medical record numbers and other personal identifiers.

Laser printing as well as thermal imaging is the most advanced technique of manufacturing wristbands Perth wide. It supports a wide range of shades, fonts and barcodes to improve patients’ safety and tracking their medication. It is becoming more preferable than handwritten and embossed bands as the National Patient Safety Agency reports that every year, about 2,900 patients receive faulty medical care because of the medical staff’s inability to read illegible information written on the bands. For more details, just visit

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