What to Consider when Choosing Accommodation from Escort Services

According to a 2009 report, there were 25 known legal brothels in Queensland and 75% of services involved outcalls, the numbers have since increased. It’s up to you, therefore, to determine the kind of service you would like. There are venues where you can enjoy the company of escorts in Brisbane, including having them visit you at your hotel room or home. There are some escorts, though they will provide services based on their own terms depending on their personal circumstances. There are factors that you have to consider as you choose the best accommodation for your services. This article explores some of them.

State Legislation

There are cities in Australia where it’s illegal for an escort to provide an in-call service such as inMelbourne, unless they have the appropriate license. Therefore, you will need to provide the premises either in your own home or at a hotel. Luckily in the state of Queensland, escorts in Brisbane have the right to rent a motel or a hotel room to work under the anti-discrimination Act of 2012.


Depending on individual preference again, escorts in Brisbane may choose to visit your home or prefer a hotel. In the instances where an escort will insist on a hotel, it’s mainly for security purposes, and this is especially common when you are having the services of the particular escort for the first time. The reason is valid, and a client ought to understand.

Personal Choice

There are escorts in Brisbane that just a have a preference for hotels only and would not fancy offering their services in any other setting. This is especially for the escorts that are working independently. Also the same goes for the men who would not prefer having the services of an escort in their homes for it might ruin the moment, especially when an unexpected visitor visits the home.

The Experience

Often the ambience that a hotel will provide to enjoy the best services of an escort is quite different from the environment that a home may provide. It often brings calm to the nerves, and the feeling that the privacy of a hotel brings is good enough to prepare both the escort and the gentleman for an intimate experience.

Selecting the Hotel

When it comes to selecting a hotel for escort services its quite different from choosing a hotel for other purposes. You have to consider things such as check ins of a hotel to ensure convenience as there are hotels that don’t allow early check-ins. Also, you need to ensure that the hotel is in a private location, since you and the escort would want the whole experience to be discrete. Also, check with your escort for most of the best escorts in Brisbane cannot entertain in anything less than a four or five-star hotel.

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